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There Is Know Better Day Than Today

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Welcome to my first blog and thank you for dropping by. You may be saying to yourself,

Oh No! this person has no idea they just used the wrong form of a word in their first post! Well, that's just me getting creative with the title of my new adventure, Grow My Know.

What better day than today, to hold myself accountable to take daily steps, to grow in my life. And in doing this, I hope to encourage you to do the same. We may or may not have the same interests but maybe this is a good way to encourage one another to learn, listen, try, and take steps forward in growing and expanding our horizons in a positive way. Some of us will take baby steps in this new challenge and others will jump in with two feet. For me, I am considering the creation of this blog, a leap rather than a baby step. I am figuring out as I go how to even post this, create a website, and navigate through this world of blogging. I guess if you are reading this, I am getting somewhere lol. I figure I can only improve as I grow in this adventure :) I am pretty sure that everyday I might not be in leap mode, but anything extra I do to Grow My Know, will be a great step in the right direction...

Firstly, I am just going to throw it out there, I am a committed Christian who loves the Lord. I may have just lost a few of you, but I want to warn you in advance lol, I can't help but to give shout-out's to the Lord, my maker, the creator of the universe (in my opinion ;-)

My posts will not be just for Christian's, I can promise you. I have lot's of different friends from many walks of life, with different interests, likes, and dislikes and we enjoy one another immensely! I think it is safe to say, that when most people go to lay their head down at the end of the day (on a comfy pillow I might add) they like to feel good about themselves. One of these days I will most likely dedicate one of my posts on the importance of finding the right pillow, but for now, I will put that on the shelf for another day. I spent nine years of my life working a job to help people sleep better. I'm all about it! One thing I think most of us will agree on is, we may not be where we wanna be in life, but we want to feel good about where we are going and the path we are taking.

In most of my writings, I will likely include a scripture that jumps out at me in my daily reading of God's word. He never lets me down! I love some quality one-on-one time with the Lord. He never fails to meet us right where you are. There I go again, I'm just warning you, I love me some Jesus time. Each day will be a new adventure of what I decide to learn, try, discover or how I kept myself hopefully out of trouble lol. Lord knows where all of this will lead, but of course I will keep you in the know.

If you are going to take this challenge, I would love to hear what you did this week to take steps in becoming your best you, what new thing you discovered, how you took a step in the right direction, or what steps you took to Grow My Know. So I am encouraging you to jump on board, take a leap or at least a baby step to begin your best you.

I guess I will go out on a limb and call it the Grow My Know Challenge.

As I was writing this post, this scripture popped into my head:

Scripture of the day: Lamentations 3:22-23 ESV

22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;

his mercies never come to an end;

23 they are new every morning;

great is your faithfulness.

This is one of many promises the Lord gives in His word. What a beautiful scripture to ponder on and never forget!

Share my Grow:

I began a devotional book I received from my sister one year ago called The God Of Your Story by Brian Hardin. I highly recommend this read, but I do not encourage waiting an entire year to crack it open! The funny thing is my sister Chris gave me the devotional book for Christmas last year in 2022. I was so excited that Christmas because, I gave the same gift to her, my husband Mike, my two boys and their love's, my nephew's and their wives, a few friends, and my hairdresser Ashley, who has my back and my hair. All you ladies know exactly what I'm talkin' about! So getting back to the book, the way that all intertwined last year for Christmas, was classic! My sister and I gave each other the same gift without knowing. It was special getting this book from my sister when I didn't buy one for myself :) After my mom reads this, I can hear her saying, "I never got one!" So, I best better get on the ball and order her one.

So, back to the book, I will write more about the author Brian down the road. I've got some good info about him and his family to share with you at a later time. I am in catch up mode in the book, but I know I will get up to date soon because I love it so much. Some days I read multiple devotional days to get my "Daily Dose." Trust me, I'm not bragging, each devotional is only a page long! Each calendar day, he writes on a few key points from the readings. This keeps you on schedule to make your way through the Holy Bible in one year, if you want to take the book a step further. Here is a link to how you can purchase this wonderful book

If you want to take it a step further you can download the mobile app which will take you through The Bible in one year with the help of Brian or his wife Jill and daughter China, or his son who helps children through the program. My husband and I have gone through the Daily Audio Bible with Brian and The DAB Chronological with his wife Jill and daughter, the last two years and would highly recommend them. It is fantastic and free. It is interactive on a global scale, includes insightful commentary, and amazing prayer.

Until we meet again, let's make everyday count!


I would love to here how you are choosing to grow, in the comment section below


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